Our Mission

FXW wants to use our platfrom to create change and give to charity. This year we have begun a more long term and focused charity project, and being able to give those shirts to the children at Oasis of Orphans in Kijabe, Kenya is just the start. This is just a small step for what's to come. Until next time, keep your energy positive!

Our Sustainability Goal!

Here at FXW we love streetwear, but what we love more is making a difference.  While we have no shortage of causes that we feel passionate about, we first wanted to make sure our efforts wouldn’t do more harm than good.

The textile industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, and is filled with human exploitation. FXW wanted to make sure, not just that we avoided doing this directly, but also that we avoided working with any companies that contributed to this. After researching many manufacturers that were either ethical or sustainable, we finally found a company that does both.

Bella+Canvas is a manufacturer who is dedicated to water, energy, and waste reduction, while also ensuring that they aren’t contributing to human exploit. They have developed a unique method of dying, steaming, and cutting to reduce waste, and made do all of it right here in the US to ensure their factories live up to ethical standards.

We couldn’t be more excited to work with a company who shares our vision of what the clothing industry should be, so that we can worry less about our negative impact, and focus more on our positive impact.

-FXW Family

For more about Bella+Canvas and their standards of production, see the video below: